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*Important: Lusia handbags and all other leather products are luxury items. They are designed to hold your fashion desire alive however like all luxury items they need a little bit of extra care. Leather care or balm is recommended to be used on all Lusia Bags, Jackets, Backpacks, wallets and leather accessories. Please do not over pack bags, do not force handles in opposite direction and please use thick adjustable strap when full for extra support and always use thick straps for over shoulder.

Some, How to Care for Your Leather!

1. Protect your handbag from day one
Whenever we buy something new, we always want to keep it in perfest condition and the best place to start is with prevention. We recommend using leather protection cream as soon as you receive at home. It adds a protective barrier to leather that repels stains and protects the surface from wear and tear.
2. Clean your bag regularly
Wheter it's new or old, as well as protecting your bag, regular cleaning is a must. For a quick wipe-down, a damp cloth is enough, but typically bags, wallets, backpacks and jackets will need a more thorough clean by a professional or using specialist cleaning product every 2-3 months to keep leather in top condition.
3. Only use specialist leather cleaners
Never use baby wipes, vinegar or any other "home remedy" for cleaning. Many of these products have chemicals and substances in them that cause drying or color loss.
4. Keep your handbag in a dust bag when not in use
If your handbag come with a dust bag, use it! This will prevent the built-up of dust when it's not in use and prevent any accidental scuffs. If you don't have a dust bag, use a pillowcase.
5. Keep your bag stuffed
When not in use, stuff your bag with bubble wrap or even some old clothing to help keep its shape.
6. Avoid holding the handles too much
Admittedly, this is a bit of an old one but natural oils from the skin or oils from misturizers can damage the leather and cause it to discolor! Protecting your leather will help, but try holding your bag over your arm.
7. Avoid wearing a light colored bag with new denim jeans
Dye transfare is one of the loughest stains to remove and something we deal with daily. One of the most common causes is wearing new denim jeans with a light colored handbag. Avoid dye transfare by (you guessed it!) protecting your bag and washing new jeans before wearing them.
8. Make sure the lid's on!
Leaking pens, water bottles and even foundation not only ruin your day but can ruin your bag too! (You would not believe the amount of horror stories we have heard). When we're in rush, we're all guilty of throwing everything in our bag and not checking if they're sealed properly. Take time to put pensin a pencil case, your make-up in a bag and check your water bottle!
9. Be careful where you place your water bottle!