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1.1 In addition to your legal rights, we operate an exchange policy for our customers in respect of items delivered), subject to the following conditions:
Within 30 days following the date of delivery. You may choose to:
1.1.1 If you have changed your mind about an item, you must return the items in question in their original packaging, complete with any related accessories or instruction booklets, labels, protective covers and boxes, together with the original invoice. Items should be returned to the following address: 189-191 Wentworth Street Port Kembla NSW 2505, Australia.
1.1.2 You can also exchange your products within our stores in Australia and abroad (with the exception of India, Russia, Ukraine, China, Brazil, Lebanon, Argentina or Mexico. Special regulations are applied in Korea, Taiwan and Venezuela). Please note that, in order for a store to accept a product for exchange, the store should have this product category in its offer.
No exchange will be offered for goods that are returned by the customer incomplete, damaged or soiled. You must take reasonable care of the goods if you wish to return them exercising your consumer rights under this section.
1.2 In the event that goods are exchanged, the initial sale will be cancelled. The new transaction payment will be set off against the amount of the preceding sale. Any credit balance will be either re-credited directly to your bank account or a credit card or a credit note will be issued to you. Any additional payment will be debited directly from your credit card.
1.3 In the event that goods are exchanged by post, the new sale will be subject to these conditions.
1.4 Nothing in this clause 9 will affect your rights referred to in clause 8.4.4 above. This exchange policy is in addition to those rights and is not intended to exclude or limit those rights.
For further information relating to these conditions, or the goods themselves, you should contact our Client Services team on: 0402156322