Benefits of a Patent Leather Jacket

Patent leather, which is leather that has been given a high gloss, shiny finish, is becoming increasingly popular in fashion, and has now been used to make items such as leather jackets. Patent leather used to be reserved for shoes and handbags, but the easy to clean version of leather has gained prominence this season.

The original process to create patent leather was developed by Newark, New Jersey-based inventor Seth Boyden in 1818 with commercial manufacture beginning September 20, 1819. His process used a linseed oil-based lacquer jacketing. Modern patent leather usually has a plastic jacketing. It is the plastic jacketing that makes patent leather so easy to clean, and a great option for leather jackets, including rain jackets.

Patent leather is sometimes confused with poromeric imitation leathers, such as DuPont's Corfam and Kuraray Co.'s Clarino which are manmade materials with a similar glossy appearance, but are not made of real animal hides.

Patent leather and poromerics are cleaned in a similar way, which makes them ideal for leather jacket construction. Dirt adhering to the jacketing can be removed with a damp cloth, using a mild soap if needed. This is ideal for a jacket that can be worn with no fear of spills, weather issues, or other minor annoyances. Minor scratches and scuff marks in the jacketing itself can be removed using one of several special purpose patent leather and poromeric cleaners on the market. With wear and tear, patent leather will eventually lose its glossy finish, but will still be smoother than most other types of leather, looking almost rubbery. This consistent finish has made many seek out patent leather for leather jackets, because they can be worn in the rain unlike traditional leather jackets which don't respond well to water.

Patent leather and poromerics are used in applications where an eye-catching glossy appearance is the main consideration. Examples include fashion items such as wallets and handbags, dance and uniform shoes, professional wrestling boots, and leather trench jackets.

As patent leather gains prominence in the fashion world, it will also likely be used in more and more leather jackets, as a practical substitution for more traditional leather. In addition, patent leather jackets are more fashion forward, younger, and hipper in styling. Runway shows are using patent leather as an accent to otherwise simple styles. Patent leather jackets always get attention, and can be paired with simpler lines underneath.

Patent leather is a great material for wear in the rain, but it also makes a great jacket when one wants to stand out. Teenagers especially gravitate toward the glossy finish of patent leather jackets, and the leather can also be dyed to a wide variety of colors. Patent leather can come in pink, for example, a hot color over the last few seasons for any woman or girl who wants to stand out in her leather jacket. The durability of a patent leather jacket also makes the material ideal for teen clothing lines, where durability is essential.